Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking for Document Translation Services?

If you have been wondering how to get your documents and transcripts translated, you should look at an online document translator solution. The Rosetta Translation service can help you get your documents translated easily and accurately. They are located in London and are experts in document translation, transcription, interpreting, subtitling and localization services. This document translation services can help you get your business translation, legal translation, financial translation and IT Translation done quickly and with the quality that you would expect. It doesn't matter what field you are in, you can get your document translated. They pride themselves in quality control, and that is why they have three experts look at your document to make sure it is translated correctly. All you need to do is to upload your document to Rosetta, and they will give you a free quote. If you have been looking for a great place to get your transcripts translated, you need to checkout Rosetta.


  1. It might look like an unnecessary cost increase at first glance, but I'd always recommend using language professionals for financial translation, the risk you run without them is sure to cost you much more in the end.

  2. I agree shivakumar. If you want your document translation done correctly, you need to take to a professional company. My neighbor took it to a single person to get his document translated. It looked weird to him, so he took it to a real translating company. He was so happy that he did because the company showed him all of the errors that were in the original translation that would have been terribly embarrassing for him if he took it to work the next week.

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