Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays
Being a landlord can be a tough job. The worst is when you have shady tenants that try to skip rent and get away with it. But, being a landlord can also be a pretty sweet job too. The first of the month is pretty nice to get all the rent checksin the mail! I own twenty three properties now. Last year I got very serious about filling all of my properties so that I could go ahead and quit my day job. I started looking for ways to encourage renters. I redid the carpet in all of my properties and put in some new appliances for the ones that needed to be replaced. I even started advertising that they could use New York Energy Rates for their energy bill! Even though anyone in the state can use this service, it helped people know that they could have a fixed rate. I really think advertising is all about the way you word things. I even tell interested buyers that they will get a free gift when they sign a lease. The gift is only a ten dollar Starbucks card, but people seriously get excited about a gift!

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